Lost & Found
Oil on Canvas 2013-2015

The inspiration for Lost & Found Series originated through my experiences in the fashion industry – as a clothing designer and magazine publisher – being struck by the apparent importance and enormous investment that goes into fashion photography.
Amazingly beautiful masterpieces are created by fashion photographers with the seemingly dual goals of artistic expression and mass consumption. The subjects are held out as contemporary stereotypes of beauty, meant to appear flawless and to drive an internal desire to become and own what is being presented. The work lives for a brief moment on our desks, on our coffee tables, beside our toilets, then discarded, replaced, and repeated in an endless cycle.
This collection is an anonymous collaboration between the model, the photographer, and myself. I experiment with my subjects, interpreting original intent and meaning through the filter of my experiences. I approach the canvas sharply with palette knives and fingers, creating rough strokes with scar-like surfaces, deconstructing/reconstructing the subject matter, reflecting the inherent emotions and stories, stripping down the obvious facades, reaching towards the fragility and sensitivity of the human being, to present the iconic.

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Paris, France