Time Capsule 2012

Fashion Design / Art Direction 

Time Capsule Collection is influenced by the past, grounded in history, connected to moments in time that provide deeper meaning.

The collection is a sleek and innovative reflection of the 30s and 70s presented in a contemporary fashion with a focus on exclusive prints inspired by handwritten letters and postcards from a bygone era. Taking the Oblik Skirt* signature shape to a new level of design and style, each of the designs and garments evoke sense memories that feel reassuringly familiar while making a bold statement.
The palette of blue turquoise, sepia tones, golden hues and muted greens are reminiscent of vintage photographs captured seaside as the sun goes down. Silk, chiffon and viscose presented in layered volumes drape and flow easily without structure while maintaining the design aesthetic. Vintage accessories and connected elements tie together a modern story of the past.